Thirty Days of Organizing

Free Home Organizing Checklist

Let’s be honest, organizing can be a bit like exercising. We know how to do it and why we should do it, but we tend to put it off for as along as possible, which just makes it even more difficult. 

If you’re feeling a bit stuck getting started, then consider using this free home organizing checklist to motivate yourself to do one space per day. I’ve tried to keep each task broken down into bite-size chunks, so they hopefully don’t take all day. No need to go in any particular orde. The idea is to give yourself grace and not put so much preassure on yourself that you fall off course. 

home organizing checklist

Tips on getting organized:

1. When using the home organizing cheklist, be sure to pace yourself and not try to accomplish too many things in one day. Ideally you’ll spend a day or even a week on each task. Don’t beat yourself up if it takes you longer to complete some tasks than others.

2. Don’t feel like you have to go in order. If you feel like doing the last task rather than the first, go for it. Just start.

3. Once you complete the checklist, make a habit of going back over things to be sure they stay organized. You’ll eventually identify areas that become disorganized faster than others, which may mean you need better systems in place or more frequent maintenance.