The Pro Organizer Take Along Supplies

When you go to complete a session in a clients home, you’ll need to be sure you’re equiped with all of the supplies you may need. It’s never a good idea to assume that your client will have something on-hand, unless you’ve already confirmed with them. Something as general as a hammer, could be burried or misplaced (your clients hired you for a reason, remember?). Below are some basic items that can come in handy during a session. I typically keep many of these supplies in my vehicle, rather than taking every single thing in with me. 

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A few basics you’ll want to keep on hand. Gloves are especially important as you’ll need them frequently. They’ll not only help keep your hands clean, but protect them from any potentially sharp objects hiding in the bottom of boxes or bags. I love the below IKEA bags to use for transporting items to donate, particularly if they are fragile items or electronics. For donations such as clothing I use regular trashbags. 

Keeping your Supplies Organized

Below are some of my favorite products to keep your supplies in order and organized. You certainly don’t want to be digging and searching for something, when you’re there organizing for someone else. The goal is to ensure that your supplies (and there are a lot of them) are grouped together and stored in a way that they are easily accessible and readily available. 


There are so many different options for label makers. Be sure to check out the complete list of options by clicking here. Below are my top picks for getting started. 

Tools of the Trade

You’ll be suprised how often you’ll need various tools while organizing and decluttering. Even if you have no plans of installing shelving, you’ll need some various tools just in case.