Seasons in the Sun

Guest blog post by By Hayley McDonnell of Totaly in the Pink

Seasons in the Sun

Although the calendar marks a distinct beginning and end four times a year, in reality, there is a fluidity to the changing seasons. The blurred lines and days between the end of one season and the beginning of another are experienced constantly. Here in the UK, we are midway between cold evenings and even more warmer days. This gradual adaptation of this change means our senses are fully piqued during the process.  The changing colour of the leaves and trees and the eventual realisation of the budding of their foliage, and that eventual excuse to turn the heating off are always welcomed.  There are some festivals and events to take part in and that hint of the big summer holiday coming at some point before the end of the year.  It really is a busy time.

The nature aspect of seasons has been around before civilization has and as they are part of the laws of science are out of our control, relatively speaking.  It is Mother Nature, not the Gregorian man-made calendar that commands when the changes will be felt.  We are led to believe by the calendar hanging on the kitchen wall that spring ends one day and we wake up and the next day it is summer.   When one reflects on the existential creation of the universe and the heating and cooling of the earth and the atmosphere, the Ice Age, for example, it is evident that these changes have occurred without human intervention or a paper calendar. 

With the hoped promise of better weather to come so is the idea of spending time outside.  Here are some suggestions to focus on those ‘outside’ areas.

So – whatever outdoor areas need attention – take some time over this month to focus on these spaces.

Start with the one that will have the most impact on you and your lifestyle, such as the

  • Garage
  • Shed
  • Garden
  • Porch and front of the house
  • Any other outbuildings that have been repurposed can be worked on in the summer months too

Finally, the car is often overlooked and neglected if it is used every day as simply a means of getting from one place to another.  It is possible to get used to a messier interior but by decluttering and cleaning it and making sure it is looking its best you will LOVE the summer trip journeys even more.

During the de-cluttering phase consider using public transport, it’s often cheaper and certainly more environmentally friendly. 

The concept of change acknowledged through the changing seasons is a universal one and connects us with our past, present, and future.  A mantra to use when times are good or bad is “Nothing stays the same, everything changes”.  If it is a difficult time know that it won’t last forever and conversely if it is a positive time be reminded to stay present in the moment and appreciate what you have with gratitude as it will be different tomorrow.

Have a great outside summer. 

Areas of Focus this Season:

Seasons in the Sun Summer Organizing

Social – Use this time to make some changes in your social life.  Plan to spend time with others physically or virtually.  At work, create an opportunity to be with others.

Moral – consider how the changes you want to make in your own personal or work life have a positive effect on others.

Spiritual – go for a walk with nothing but your thoughts and make a mental note of all that you are grateful for in the past season.    Use your lunchtime or breaks to make this regular practice.

Cultural – The Hindu faith has one God which embodies everything past, present, and future.  What parts of your culture do you enjoy today and want to continue enjoying?

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