Online Presence

In today’s technologically driven society, having a strong online presence is vital for nearly every business. It can feel overwhelming at times, trying to decide what platforms to focus on. Do I need a website? Should I be on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Snapchat? How often should I post? What should I post? Here, we’ll break it down one piece at a time so you can make the most informed decision for your business. 

professional organizer online presence

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Your website is an important piece of your online presence. I recommend that any and every business have a website. Having a website helps your business look legitimate and professional, and can help you reach potential clients. Rather going into all of the various steps involved in creating a website here, I’ve written a separate post; Creating Your Professional Organizing Website.  Be sure to check it out as it’ll lay out all of the various components that go into building a site. 


Everyone uses the Google these days. And you’ll want to make sure that potential clients can find your business when they google “Professional Organizer in my area”. Think about it. If someone decides on their own that they are interested in hiring an organizer, they’re going to Google it. To get your business live on Google, head over to Google My Business and follow their instructions. It’s fairly easy and well worth the time. 

Social Media

There are so many options nowadays when it comes to social media platforms. You can easily spend all day navigating and posting to the various sites, from Facebook to IG, to SnapChat and TikTok, it can be overwhelming. That’s why I suggest that you focus on no more than 2-3 social media platforms. Now, it may be tempting to focus on the platform that you personally use the most, because it’s what you’re comfortable with. But instead, you should go back to the work you did to establish the foundation of your business, and use the information to help you narrow down which platform your ideal client uses the most. If you’re focusing on helping seniors downsize, then there’s no point in spending a lot of time on Snapchat. I plan to add more resources regarding setting up social media accounts later on, based on the platform; so if you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to be notified once those are available. 

Professional organizer social media


I wanted to take the time to mention blogging here, as it could be a good opportunity depending on your target demographics (which you should have identified during the foundation phase). Blogging can be a great way to reach potential clients and establish yourself as an expert in your field. If you decide to blog, you could host the blog on your website and include a subscription option so that you can stay in touch with your readers. Someone could end up reading your blog for years, and then when they’re ready to bring in an organizer, you’ll be the one they think about. Because your blogging has kept you fresh in their minds. Again, this is worthy of its own post, so be sure to subscribe and I’ll let you know once it’s available. 

Other Sites

There are several other sites that you can post your services to, eith for free or a fee. These can provide a higher level of exposure. However, I caution against investing a lot of money into any online ad space as many organizers are able to make a good income without any high cost investment into online sites.  Some sites to check out include:

Stock Photos

If you’re looking for photos to use on your website, social media, or within your blog, be sure to check out my Favorite Free Stock Photo Sites. 

Once you are online, be sure to utilize some of the amazing groups of organizers that are out there. We love supporting new organizers.

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