Your Business

Name ya’ Thing

Choosing a business name is often difficult for most new organizers. I know personally, I changed my business name and logo at least five times before I even launched. It’s ok to change your mind, especially in the early phases. But by taking the time to consider some key elements of a business name now, you may save yourself some time later on.


You”ve likely noticed that many business names in the professional organizing industry are very similar or use different combinations of the same words. There’s only so many ways to describe or name an organizing business. For this reason, it may be difficult to choose a name that is unique. Don’t feel like you have to recreate the wheel here. Instead, focus on choosing a name that meets the following criteria:

1. It fits you and your business style. You’re not going to really be happy with the name if it doesn’t fit you. Remember, you are your business, at this point you’re a one person show, so your business name should feel right.
2. It fits your Niche. You don’t want a name like Carol’s Happy Nest if you are targeting college students. Choose something that fits you, but also will speak to your customers.
3. It can be easily identified as an organizing business. It doesn’t have to specifically say organizer in the title, but you don’t want potential clients to see your business name somewhere and not have a clue as to what you do. I see this sometimes with “pretty” names.
4. It is SEO friendly. You want to be sure that your name is clear, easy to read, and SEO friendly. Because I’m an organizer and not a self-proclaimed SEO genius (not yet anyways), I suggest checking out this helpful website which has some great insite on choosing a business name that is SEO friendly.

Name Combinations

To help you in choosing a name, we’ve put together a list of commonly used words to help spark your creativity. To keep things fun, spin the roulette wheel to generate your own combination.