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Getting Started - Step by Step

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The development phase is all about building a solid foundation for your business. Dedicating time to develop your business and form a strong foundation will save you time down the road, and help you be more successful.

Building a strong foundation




You’ve done the leg work, you’ve narrowed down your niche and you’re ready to get on to the fun stuff. Now it’s time to design your dream business, your brand. Having a consistent brand image is key to building an online presence and successful marketing.​

The Pro Organizer Brand Book



Getting down to business

This is decidely the most unglamorous piece of starting your professional organizing business, but one of the most important if you want to be legit (and legal). The information contained here in now way qualifies as legal advice.

Business Essentials



Pricing & Packaging

It can be difficult when you first start your professional organizing business deciding how much to charge, whether to charge hourly or by package rates, etc.In this section we’ll help walk you through the various options so you can make an informed decision​

Pricing & Packages



Online Presence

It can be a lot of fun setting up your website and social media, but it can also be overwhelming and time consuming. The following sections will help simplify the process and guide you through getting online and closer to your first client. ​

Getting Online



Your First Client

Having an awesome website and crafty logo is all well and good, but it doesn’t mean much until you actually start getting clients. Getting your first paying client is an amazing feeling. We’ll walk you through some key concepts and ideas that will help get you started.​

Getting your first client


Already rockin & rollin in your business? Head over to the Grow your Business section of the blog

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