Branding your Professional Organizing Business

Before you begin branding your Professional Organizing business, if you haven’t already developed your business foundation, be sure to go back and read that blog post before moving forward. Similar to a home, the foundation is what helps your business stay standing, while the branding is more like the decorations.

The point of your brand isn’t to just reflect your style though, it’s meant to tell your story, to present a cohesive and distinguishable representation of what your business is about. It’s important to note, that there are other aspects of branding, such as brand positioning and values, which you may want to consider. However, for this purpose, we focus primarily on the visual aspects of your brand, ie. the “face” of your business. 

So, with that said, here are a few elements of your brand that you may want to consider. 

Branding your Professional Organizing Business

Company Name

Obviously, the name of your business is essential. The name will also play into the other aspects of your businss. If your business name is Blissful Organizing, you likely wouldn’t choose a bright red logo with yellow highlights. You’ll want to be sure that the business name will help represent your brand, and not detract from it. 

It’s important that before you settle on a name that you complete a thorough search to confirm it’s not already trademarked. To do that, visit the trademark database website

Brand Colors

Your brand colors should be represented throughout your social media content, logo, photos, website, etc. I suggest have 2-3 primary colors, a bold color, and 1-2 light tone colors. Keep in mind that colors are strongly tied to emotions. So you’ll want to identify colors that represent the emotions you want your brand to envoke. 

branding your professional organizing business

Brand Logo

One of my favorite parts, the logo. Creating a business logo can be so much fun. I use Canva to create logo’s. You’ll want to make sure that your logo is clear and readable, even at various sizes. Stay away from font or characters that are too difficult to read, or colors that would be difficult to match with the rest of your brand. If this is a tad bit outside of your comfort zone, I’d suggest looking on Fiverr for help, wher you can get a custom logo designed for as little as $5. If you’re looking to make your own, check out my library of logo inspirations in Canva by clicking here. 


For these purposes I suggest having no more than 2-3 fonts that you use across your brand. These will likely also be tied into your logo. You’ll want a basic font, that’s easy to read (a serif font). Then you’ll want a more decorative (sans serif) font. You may also choose to have a fancy script font as part of your branding. Use these typefaces cohesively throughout your brand; your logo, your website, your printed materials, graphics, etc. 

branding your professional organizing business


Another aspect of your brand you’ll want to consider is imagery. As you’ll read in a few of my other posts, I’m a big fan of stock photos. You can check out my favorite free stock photo sites here. Whether you opt for stock photos, or your own, you’ll want to try and keep a cohesive look across your brand. I find that each client project that I work on has a different look and feel to it, which is why I prefer stock photos, they’re easier to keep cohesive. Plus, I’m not a photographer and my photos never really respresent the quality of work I provide. 

The Organizer Brand Book

If you’re looking for a way to keep your branding options organized, check out the free Pro Organizer Brand Book. The brand book is customizable with Canva, and provides you with various aspects of laying out your brand so it stays front and center as you market your business. 

Now that you’ve got your branding figured out, it’s time to move on and get down to business.

As always, if you have any questions head over to the private Facebook group, and don’t be shy.