Training & Certification – Professional Organizing

As you begin researching the possibility of becoming a professional organizer, you’ll find a ton of useful resources and sites. There are also a number of well-known organizations that provide training and certification for professional organizers. You should know, this training is not required to get started. I always suggest that you spend some time as a professional organizer, become as knowledgeable about your niche as possible, and then maybe consider if training or certification is right for you. 

If you decide that you do want to invest in training, below are some credible organizations that provide quality training to the industry:

NAPO is the largest and most well known organization focused on professional organizers. NAPO provides membership, training, and certification options. 

Training and Certification for professional organizers

The Institute for Challenging Disorganization is also a good option. I’d recommend ICD for those interested in working with clients who face specific challenges, such as OCD, hoarding, ADHD, etc. The training provided by ICD allows you to select a speciality to focus your training on. 

The American Society of Professional Organizers (ASPO) also offers training. Even if you don’t decide to take part in the training, they offer a free membership that comes with some unique perks that are worth checking out. I’ve heard good things about the training and from my understanding it’s more affordable than some of the above options. 

Prior to investing into training, you may consider investing into conferences or a mentor who is willing to share their experiences within the industry. 

If you find that you’re feeling unprepared taking clients on yourself, consider partnering with an existing organizer to get more hands-on knowledge. It may sound odd, reaching out to a soon-to-be competitor, but I’ve found that the organizers I speak to are all more than willing to help newcomers to the industry get started. 

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